Australasian Society of Lingual Orthodontists


Invisible Orthodontics In Everyday Practice: Lingual and Beyond.

2022 Congress - Melbourne, Australia.
4th to 7th August 2022.

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Thank you!

It was an amazing 4 days combining a vibrant face-to-face conference with high quality virtual lectures and attendees. Involving 21 world-class orthodontist / surgeon speakers, 5 Professors / Chairs of world Orthodontic departments plus many famous published high level speakers presenting a huge amount of high level content relevant to all Orthodontists.

We had the most advanced robot tech on display with a third of the programs content on the actual clinical science of the most fashionable orthodontics these days, Aligners.

The delegates I have spoken to have all commented on the great vibe at the Congress this year and the quality of the speakers.

I would like to send out a sincere, heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors, whose support we deeply appreciate. Every exhibitor and sponsors are all people whom I consider friends and I love dealing with all of you. View my closing thank you to our sponsors below.

All The Orthodontic supply industry people in Australia are all second to none.

Geoffrey Wexler Thank you so much to everybody for being involved and see you in Sydney in 2024.

Geoffrey Wexler
ASLO President

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Congress Program


ASLO 2022 Congress

Melbourne, Australia - 4th to 7th August 2022.

Presented by the Australasian Society of Lingual Orthodontists (ASLO).

Virtual Attendance Available.


Invisible Orthodontics in Everyday Practice.

Lingual is at the forefront of Invisible treatments, going hand in hand with aligners and complex auxiliary devices. A huge new demand has appeared for truly invisible services of high quality invisible braces and aligners, provided by well-educated, well-qualified specialist orthodontists.

Confirmed Speakers

Some of our illustrious speakers for the 2022 Congress.

Prof Ryuzo Fukawa
Future Oriented Invisible Orthodontics Led by Specialists
Dr Ed Lin
Digital Hybrid Treatment - Cost-Effective Aligners & Lingual Appliances and for all Case Type
Dr Yoon-Ji kim
Clear Aligners for Surgical Treatment of Class III malocclusions

Dr Yoon-Ji kim

South Korea


Dr Didier Fillion
Advices and Procedures to Build a Digital Set-Up
Prof Dr Benedict Wilmes
Broadening the Scope of Aligner & Lingual Treatment Opportunities by Usage of Palatal TADs.
Dr Martina Bräutigam & Dr med. Dr med. dent. Pantelis Kalaitzidis
Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork – Efficient Workflows in Surgery Cases with Lingual Orthodontics
Dr Woo-Ttum Bittner
Lingual Leverage: From Lingual to 1000 Aligner Starts Per Annum
Dr Steve Stramotas
My Wonderful Incognito Journey over 15 years - Lessons Learned Treating Simple & Complex Cases
Prof Dr Marie Cornelis
How Efficient is Lingual Orthodontics?
Dr Tony Weir
Overcoming Clear Aligner treatment Shortfalls - The Scientific Evidence and its Application

Dr Tony Weir



Dr Mugali Mujagic
Treatment Effectiveness & Quality of Results Using a Completely Customized Lingual Appliance
Dr Nikhilesh Vaid
The Emperor's New Clothes! - Demystifying aligner science on the aesthetic orthodontic appliance terrain!
Prof Ryoon-Ki Hong
Biomechanics of Lingual Orthodontics and TSAD

Prof Ryoon-Ki Hong

South Korea


Dr Rafi Romano
Digital Simulation and Digital Planning - Essential Tools for Any Treatment Modality
Dr Rhonda Coyne
Challenging Clear Aligner Cases. Deep Bites, Extractions, Distalisations.

Dr Rhonda Coyne



Dr Siva Vasudavan
"Where the Magic Happens"
Dr Sunil Hirani
Digital MARPE: From Failure to Success!

Dr Sunil Hirani

United Kingdom


Dr Nour Eldin Tarraf
Skeletal Anchorage in Growing Children
Dr Medhi Peikar
BRIUS: Third Way of Moving Teeth (NOT Braces, NOT Aligners)
Dr Geoffrey Wexler
Every-Day Digital Set-Up and Delivery for Lingual Braces

Invisible Orthodontics. Lingual and Beyond.

The ASLO 2022 Congress was be bigger and better than ever including many international guest speakers and some of Australia's highest credentialed Orthodontic specialists.

Thank you if you attended and see you at the next one in 2024.