Dr Liana Lima Pinhiero

Dr Liana  Lima Pinhiero

Dr Liana Lima Pinhiero


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Successful Clinical Cases with Orthodontic Aesthetic Techniques

Modern orthodontic treatments have evolved considerably with the advent of advanced technologies, enabling practitioners to offer less invasive and more aesthetically pleasing solutions to their patients. This presentation delves into the world of digital aesthetic orthodontics, focusing specifically on the use of aligners and lingual orthodontic appliances. Drawing from an extensive array of clinical cases, we will dissect common challenges faced during treatment and share invaluable tips for overcoming them, ensuring optimal outcomes. The aim is to demonstrate the efficacy of these techniques, emphasizing how technology can be harnessed to achieve treatment excellence. Attendees will gain insights into the practicalities of the digital aesthetic orthodontic procedures and enhance their knowledge of state-of-the-art practices to provide superior care to their patients.


President of the Brazilian Dental Academy; Doctor of Dentistry, Master in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics, Specialist in Orthodontics and Facial Orthopedics, Fellow of the Latin American Academy of Human Sciences, Fellow of the Brazilian Dental Academy; Fellow of the Rio de Janeiro Academy of Dentistry; Honorary Member of the Brazilian Society of Dentist Writers; Certified in Laser Dentistry; Graduated in Dentistry from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro – CRORJ 17636; Postgraduate in Functional Occlusion at the Roth Williams Center for Functional Occlusion - California, USA; Author of the First Lingual Orthodontics Book in the Americas – 2001; Pioneer in the Teaching and Development of Lingual Technique in Brazil; National and International Speaker with over 10,000 verified hours of lectures given. Founder of Smile of the Sea, the First Dental Conference On Board.


Avenida Lucio Costa, 6600 – 2202 Barra da Tijuca – Rio de Janeiro – RJ – cep 22795-006