Dr Tony Weir

Dr Tony Weir

Dr Tony Weir


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Clear Aligner Treatment – A Multidimensional Reveal of a Problem and Some Solutions

We will be presenting our joint research – but not just 4 of the papers we currently have published together - 2 previously and 2 in 2023 accepted and awaiting publication -  but also some new papers which will be completed and accepted by then regarding aligner treatment in the vertical dimension and some side-effects of particular concern.


We have collected a large database of cases (14,000 plus) from 14 experienced orthodontists in Australia, New Zealand and the United States to enable independent research into the efficacy of aligners, which is my primary research interest. 



Bachelor of Dental Science (1st Class Honours) University of Queensland 1983

Master of Dental Surgery (Orthodontics) University of Adelaide 1991


Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Queensland 2017-current. Research supervisor for 10 postgraduate research projects

Honorary Senior Clinical Lecturer, University of Adelaide 2019-current. Research supervisor for 5 postgraduate research projects


Winner 2016 Raj Prasad Case Award ASO (South Australia Branch) for an Invisalign 4 premolar extraction case 

2021 Milton Sims Visiting Professor, University of Adelaide

2022 P Raymond Begg Research Award, Australian Society of Orthodontists



Publications Prior to 2021:

  1. Weir T. Clear aligners in orthodontic treatment. Aust Dent J 2017;62 Suppl 1:58-62.
  1. Weir T. Invisalign treatment of lower incisor extraction cases. Australian Orthodontic Journal, Vol. 32,  No. 1, May 2016: 82-87.
  2. Costello C, Kerr B, Weir T, Freer E. The incidence and severity of root resorption following orthodontic treatment using clear aligners. Australasian Orthodontic Journal, Vol. 36, No. 2, Nov 2020: 130-137. 
  3. Chapter 6 Precautions with Aligner Treatment in Eliades and Athanassiou Orthodontic Aligner Treatment: A Review of Materials Clinical Management and Evidence Thieme November 2020

American Journal of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedics 2021 onwards

  1. Blundell H, Weir T, Kerr B, Freer, E. Predictability of overbite control with the Invisalign® appliance September AJODO-D-20-00061 
  2. Maree A, Kerr B, Weir T, Freer E. Clinical expression of programmed rotation and uprighting of bilateral winged maxillary central incisors with the Invisalign® appliance – A retrospective study AJODO-D-20-00129
  3. Shailendran A, Weir T, Kerr B, Freer El. Accuracy and reliability of tooth widths and Bolton ratios estimated by ClinCheck® Pro November. AJODO-D-20-00197
  4. Goh S, Dreyer C, Weir T.  The predictability of mandibular curve of Spee levelling with the Invisalign® appliance accepted for publication AJODO-D-21-00098 
  5. Goh S, Dreyer C, Weir T. Predicted vs achieved outcomes for curve of Wilson changes with Invisalignaccepted for publication AJODO-D-21-00679 
  6. Blundell H , Weir T, Byrne G. Predictability of overbite control with the Invisalign® appliance comparing SmartTrack with precision bite ramps to EX30 Submitted for publication and accepted subject to revision 


Australasian Orthodontic Journal Publications 2021 onwards 

  1. Gaddam R, Freer E, Kerr B, Weir A. Reliability of Torque Expression with the Invisalign® Appliance: A retrospective study Aust Ortho J 37:1 pp3-13 May 2021
  2. Weir T. The application of 3D metrology software in the quantitative and qualitative assessment of aligner treatment outcomes Aust Ortho J 37:1 pp100-108 May 2021 
  3. Goh P, Weir T, Kerr B, Freer E. Accuracy of predicted versus achieved aligner treatment outcome of a complex case using digital heatmaps Aust Ortho J 37:1 pp109-120 May 2021
  4. Weir T, Shailendran A, Kerr B, Freer E. Quantitative assessment of interproximal tooth reduction performed as part of Invisalign® treatment in 10 orthodontic practices Aust Ortho J published November 2021, 
  5. Gaddam R, Weir T, Freer E. Unilateral Brodie bite correction in a growing patient using palatal and buccal miniscrews: A case report. Published November 2021
  6. Weir T, Shailendran A, Freer E. Prevalence of interproximal tooth reduction prescribed in Invisalign® treatment in 10 orthodontic practices Submitted, awaiting acceptance