Dr Kyoto Takemoto

Dr Kyoto Takemoto

Dr Kyoto Takemoto


Listen to Dr Kyoto Takemoto at the 2024 ASLO Congress.

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Really Difficult Cases - Treated ideally, by ALIAS Lingual Straight Wire systems.

The mushroom arch-wire has been used in conventional lingual orthodontic treatment. But its complicated wire bending affects the treatment results and  time spent in the orthodontist's chair.

With conventional lingual brackets there is reduced inter-bracket distance, bringing difficulty to control teeth and a tendency of strong forces. But  ALIAS brackets with a square-slot low dimension system brings very accurate control with very effective, gentle orthodontic forces, especially torque control. We have developed a faste to use, efficient system using a square slot and straignt-wires for improved precision in positional control using light orthodontic forces.

With ALIAS there are 3 new concepts.

  1. Square slot – the square slot gives more control over tooth movement enabling the orthodontist to more accurately predict treatment outcome. 
  2. Straight wire – treatment employs a plane arch-wire. With brackets bonded accurately and a full size wire the amount of wire bending is very significantly reduced.
  3. Passive self-ligation system – employing a passive ligation system reduces friction and light orthodontic force can be employed.

These concepts make for simplified handing from the lingual side, and achieve better treatment. In this presentation, I will explain in detail of the theory and difficult cases using the ALIAS Lingual straight wire system.


Kyoto Takemoto DDS, PhD


After graduating from the Tokyo Dental College, Dr. Kyoto Takemoto belonged to the Department of Orthodontics of Tokyo Medical - Dental University and received a doctorate from Tokyo Dental College afterwards.

In 1983, he opened an orthodontic dental clinic in Matsudo-shi, Chiba prefecture, and in 1988 opened the first lingual orthodontic clinic in Japan (E-Line Orthodontic Clinic) in Minato-ku, Tokyo, now in Chiyoda and Matsudo. 

He is a founding member of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics and served as chairman (2008-2011) for four years, advancing the lingual orthodontic treatment. 

He is currently a specialist of the World Society of Lingual Orthodontics and the European Society of Lingual Orthodontics, an adjunct professor of Ferrara University (Italy), and has been an adjunct professor of New York University (USA) and a visiting professor of Hong Kong University in the past. 

Dr. Takemoto devised the 2001 Lingual straight wire method (LSW), then developed STb light lingual system with Dr. Scuzzo (Italy). They also developed ALIAS Lingual straight wire system which has a square slot. Up to now, his seminar has been held in more than 20 countries, and more than 5,000 orthodontists have participated.


Official Positions

1 WSLO, former president (2008~2011) 2 WBLO, former president (2019~2022)

3 RCSEd, Fellow 

4 Ferrara University, adjunct professor 5 New York University, former adjunct professor

6 Hong Kong University, former visiting professor


1 WSLO (Founding member)

2 WBLO (Board member)

3 ESLO (Honorary and Titular member)

4 JLOA (Honorary member)

5 EBO (Board member) 

6 JOS (Board member)