A. Prof Chen Qifeng

A. Prof Chen Qifeng

A. Prof Chen Qifeng


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Active Wing Lingual Orthodontic System & Clinical Application -- Direct Bonding, Easy Torque, Invariable Force, One Main ArchWire

Introducing a new lingual orthodontic appliance: The anterior teeth bracket is composed of a base and a detachable wing. The .012" or .014" NiTi auxiliary arch wire that goes through a 0.5mm diameter transverse tube on the base is for aligning the anterior teeth. The wing with a invariable force spring connects the .025"x.019" NiTi main arch wire to the bracket base, closing the extraction gap or retracting the protruding teeth while exerting light force to control the torque, angulation and alignment of the anterior teeth. All devices including molar lingual tube and premolar bracket with variable sizes slot can be directly or indirectly bonded. The target position of the teeth are based on the main arch wire with established arch form and occlusion plane. The first bonding and regular adjustment occupy the dental chair for a short time and the total treatment is done mostly within 12 months. The unique biomechanics has many advantages in non-surgical correction of adult skeletal deformities. The application of thousands of patients in multiple countries has shown definite results.


Academic Biography (Bio)

Dr. Chen Qifeng graduated from Nanchang University School of Stomatology, China, earning a bachelor's degree in 1994. He then pursued specialized training in orthodontics and maxillofacial surgery at Fujian Medical University School of Stomatology. Since 1996, he has been working as a doctor in the Orthodontics Department and the Maxillofacial Surgery Department at Ningde Hospital, and he has been the director of the Orthodontics Department since 2008. 

Dr. Chen Qifeng has a wide range of interests and excels in mathematics, computer programming, and product structural design. In 1999, he began developing the Active Wing Lingual Orthodontic System. He has published four monographs and ten papers on this subject and has been a guest speaker at several orthodontic conferences. In 2008, Dr. Chen Qifeng initiated the establishment of the Active Wing Lingual Orthodontic Association in China and has been serving as its president. The association currently has 685 members. Additionally, Dr. Chen is a clinical professor at Nanchang University School of Stomatology and the director of the Chifeng Institute of Orthodontics and Dentofacial Orthopedies. He is also a specialist member of the Orthodontic Professional Committee of the Chinese Stomatological Association.