Prof Ryuzo Fukawa

Prof Ryuzo Fukawa

Prof Ryuzo Fukawa


Future Oriented Invisible Orthodontics Led by Specialists

Amazing New Publication - Drs Fukawa, Moon, Deguchi, Aga

 With the advent of TADs, lingual braces and aligners, modern orthodontics founded by Edward H. Angle is undergoing significant changes after 100 years. However, they are mere tools and do not provide a magic solution to orthodontic problems. This presentation will discuss treatment planning, understanding of mechanics using the finite element method, and finishing based on Andrews’ Six Keys, through difficult-to-treat skeletal Class II and Class III malocclusions with discrepancies in all three planes of space: AP, vertical and transverse.

Look into The Future of Invisible appliance.

Future Oriented Invisible Appliance Course.

1.New way to thinking of orthodontic treatment goal(broad and narrow definitions)

2. Configuration of treatment goal (how to check with Cephalogram in view of the exposure problem of CBCT)

3.Necessity of case selection with weakness of lingual treatment

4.Description of fusion of Invisalign which is patient-driven with engineering of the appliance and doctor-driven treatment based on the skill (Bricolage) (What kind of case is suitable for? and how to manage).

5.Description the treatment plan for some kind of malocclusion(Class II Div1, Class II Div2, Class III, Class III Surgery case, Posterior Cross bite, Open bite and Jaw deviation etc), prescription of torque, additional mechanics, finishing and appliances with clinical examples.

6.Analysis and study of mechanics for lingual treatment with finite element method from view of dental materials and devices as a cooperation with other department (Multi-disciplinary approach). 

7.The way of thinking for orthodontic treatment from a place of Invisalign and the advanced level of lingual and labial treatment. 

8.What we should do for lingual treatment on SET(Simple, Effective, Tissue friendly) based on EBM and NBM


1980: Graduated from Osaka Dental University, and entered Orthodontic Dept of the same university. 

1990: Obtained Ph.D. from Osaka Dental University and passed Tweed foundation regular member.

1991~2021: Open present private practice, Higashiosaka,Osaka, Japan

President of World Society of Lingual Orthodontics (2020~2021)
First president of the World Board of Lingual Orthodontists
  - Member of the European Board of Orthodontists
  - Regular member of the Edward H. Angle society Southern California Component
  - Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (M-ortho)
  - Board member and Instructor of Japanese Orthodontic Society and Japan Association of Adult Orthodntics 
  - Member of the Tweed Foundation