Dr Steve Stramotas

Dr Steve Stramotas

Dr Steve Stramotas


My Wonderful Incognito Journey over 15 years - Lessons Learned Treating Simple & Complex Cases

In my 25 years of treating patients in private practice, using a customized orthodontic appliance with digital planning has certainly been revolutionary. As for myself, using a ‘truly invisible’ customized lingual appliance such as the Incognito, has been extraordinary. It has afforded me the opportunity to treat many adults and adolescents, whether simple or complex in nature, with remarkable ease and great success.

This in relatively efficient time frames and providing considerable satisfaction to both myself and to the patients involved. I look forward to sharing my ‘journey with Incognito’ with you all. 


Dr Steve Stramotas completed his postgraduate specialist orthodontic degree at the University of Sydney, Australia. He has been in private practice for over 30 years and currently practices in Randwick, Sydney. Dr Stramotas has been a Key Opinion Leader and ANZ speaker for the Incognito Appliance for over a decade and he has lectured at numerous national and international meetings. He is also an honorary lecturer at the University of Sydney and is in charge of the ‘lingual programme’.

Dr Stramotas plays an integral part in assisting those newly certified in using the Incognito appliance, advising on the Incognito Lingual System at basic, intermediate and advanced levels.