Dr Medhi Peikar

Dr Medhi Peikar

Dr Medhi Peikar


BRIUS: Third Way of Moving Teeth (NOT Braces, NOT Aligners)




is the third way of moving teeth since it fits in a different category called independent mover which is not braces or aligners. 

BRIUS is customized for each patient and is programmed to treat a wide range of malocclusions from simple crowding and spacing to complicated extraction cases, impacted canines, orthognathic surgery cases, and so on.

Each tooth is connected to an anchorage base through a custom-designed arm.

BRIUS uses AI and complicated algorithms to design the required arms for each tooth based on its specific route.

AI and force/moment enhancement used in the design of BRIUS consider the age, ethnicity, and even gender of the patient to optimize the arm design towards a more predictable outcome.

The root surface is also being considered in the design.

The thickness and design of the arm determine the force and moment required to move the tooth from its initial to its final position that is approved by the orthodontist in the virtual treatment plan.

Unlike the aligners, BRIUS treatment is not dependent on patient compliance and unlike braces, no adjustments are needed.

BRIUS makes it possible to floss easier since there is no wire connecting the teeth.


Dr. Mehdi Peikar is the inventor of BRIUS and the founder of BRIUS Technologies, Inc. 

Dr. Peikar is a practicing orthodontist

  • From UCLA School of Dentistry. 
  • Master’s degree in Quantum Mechanics and Condensed Matter,  University of Illinois
  • PhD in Biomechanics, Johns Hopkins University
  • Dr. Peikar’s unique background in academia has been instrumental in the design of BRIUS and continues to drive success in achieving superior biomechanical results.

The first BRIUS was first tested on a wax model and has since received FDA approval with numerous successful treatments and satisfied patients.