Dr Pravin Shetty

Dr Pravin Shetty

Dr Pravin Shetty


LingualMatrix CAD/CAM Lingual Appliance, Aligners and TADS – The NewAge technology and mechanics for treating complex malocclusion.

The newer Digital Esthetic appliance such as Lingual and Aligners has challenged the way we think in treating complex malocclusion cases

The state of the art Lingualmatrix Cad/cam  system is an excellent lingual system for Orthodontists, who wish to have a customised appliance for their patients which can provide them with complete 3 dimensional control, accuracy, good finish, patient comfort, reduced chair side time and minimal appointments. 

With the advent of Aligners plastic science and in 3D printing technology and virtual tooth movement software, it has enabled  us to  use Aligners in complex cases and this form of treatment is becoming more popular as it opens up a new dimension in current orthodontics ERA

The presentation shall enlighten on concept, technology features and pathbreaking combination of  cad/cam lingual appliance, Aligners with Microimplants for management of complex malocclusion.


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