Dr Guanying Wu

Dr Guanying Wu

Dr Guanying Wu


Aesthetics and art in lingual orthodontics

Background: Lingual orthodontics is the fusion of aesthetics and art. Make every patient a work of art in your hands.

Material and methods: Many factors can affect the appearance of the patient. Such as teeth crowding, face convex, face concave, face asymmetry and so on. The micro-implants are used widely. We can use the micro-implants to make the teeth distalisation, mesialisation, extrusion, intrusion and so on. We chose 30 cases to study and compare the beginning and finishing treatment result.

Results: The micro-implant is very stable during the lingual orthodontic treatment. The dental movement is efficiently by micro-implants.

Conclusions: Micro-implant is a kind of reliable and absolute anchorage. We can use them to do almost everything in lingual orthodontic treatment. Every patient is the art in our hands. Lingual orthodontics is the fusion of aesthetics and art.



Associate professor
Graduated from Peking University
Have done lingual orthodontic treatment for about 17 years
Treat more than 800 lingual orthodontic patients

International oral presentation

Excellent oral presentation in the 4th WSLO in 2011
One of the best oral presentation in the 10th ESLO in 2012
Oral presentation in 5th WSLO in 2013
Key-note oral presentation in 11th ESLO in 2014
Oral presentation in 6th WSLO in 2015
Chairman of 12th ESLO in 2016
Oral presentation in 7th WSLO in 2017
Oral presentation and chairman in 13th ESLO


Titular Member of ESLO (European Society of Lingual Orthodontist)
Member of WSLO (World Society of Lingual Orthodontist)
Member of WFO (World Federation of Orthodontics)
Member of COS (Chinese Orthodontic Society)
Member of BJOC (Beijing Orthodontic Society)
Member of BCDS (Beijing Clinic Dental Society)


Nationality: People's Republic of China
Office: Orhodontic Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital
E-mail: wuguanying2008@163.com


Orthodontic Center of China-Japan Friendship Hospital, East yinghua street, Hepingli, Chaoyang District, Beijing, P.R.China