Post Congress Course - Dr Fillion 2022

1/2 Day Post Congress Course

Advices and Procedures to Build a Digital Set-Up.
Presented by Dr Didier Fillion - France


Course Date / Time

Half Day - Sunday 7th August 2022, 1:30pm - 5:00pm.

Course Outline

Advices and Procedures to Build a Digital Set-Up.

Dr Fillion will show why his techniques at Wabeez has evolved into a fully digital, straight wire technique. He will explain how this technique is the most accurate to position brackets and a reliable outcome for the patient. Making it particularly accessible to beginners, showing how the differences between labial and lingual techniques are reducing chair and treatment time.

Course Fees

Qualified Orthodontists - A$485 (virtual A$430) + GST.
Dental Auxiliaries - A$485 (virtual A$430) + GST.
Post & Recent Graduates - A$125 (virtual A$70) + GST.


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