Post Congress Course - Dr Bittner 2022

Half Day Post Congress Course

Scaling Your Practice
Presented by Dr Woo-Ttum Bittner - Germany

Putting service over treatment and people over revenue allowed ADENTICS to become one of the most successful orthodontic brands in Germany.

Dr Bittner provides an interactive, practice-oriented course fully revealing his approaches in treatment and practice management, showing deep, detailed findings into the in-house studies which provided the important insights to change his practice.

Course Date / Time

Half Day - Sunday 7th August 2022, 8:30am - 12:30pm.

Course Outline
  1. Scaling Your Practice: Tools that we used to keep up our treatment quality while growing.
  2. Scaling Your Numbers: What we learned from our transition from lingual to aligners and what it made with our numbers.
  3. Scaling Your Team: How we grew our team and kept a team turnover-rate of less than 1%.
  4. Scaling Your Service: What our patients did like and what not.
Course Fees

Qualified Orthodontists - A$485 (virtual A$430) + GST.
Dental Auxiliaries - A$485 (virtual A$430) + GST.
Post & Recent Graduates - A$125 (virtual A$70) + GST.

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